Production and Animation


Text and Editing

Text and Editing

The GUIDING GROUP develops, produces and designs audiovisual tours for museums, exhibitions, cities, nature parks, industry and information centres, all tailored to your wishes and needs.

The requirements and preferences of our customers are the essence of a successful, sophisticated and exciting audio guide. When realizing a project, we are happy to receive any input from you. You can always play a part in creating the project and benefit from our know-how and many years of experience.

The intellectual creators of a linguistic work are our specialized authors and editors from the fields of radio drama and dramaturgy. We rely exclusively on their expertise in terms of content and editing. We research the content, design your favourite guided tours and produce the “scripts” for your customers’ cinema.

Museologists and educationalists and historians complete our team of authors with their specialist knowledge – so that your messages are not only heard but also understood – only in this way will your customers’ ears remain a true listening pleasure.



Whether you would like to produce an exciting radio play in the footsteps of the scientists Zeiss & Abbe, or you are planning an audio tour that deals with the phenomenon of the constant changes in nature – you have come to the right adress. We will be happy to develop a storyboard together with your experts and make it audible in a recording studio with an enchanting atmosphere, and perform “Warum Wald nicht gleich Wald”.

Our professional speakers will be chosen according to your project – even a full voice on its own can tell you a whole “world”. Of course, a dramaturge or a director will be at your side – a great theatre for your ears.

Experienced sound technicians and sound engineers guarantee the highest quality and guarantee you a listening experience for your customers and prospects – because we produce acoustic worlds in our own recording studio that also open your eyes. Foreign language versions are adapted and perfected by experienced native speakers on request.

Photo, Video and Animation

Animation „Offenland/Sukzession“

In 2013 we won the competition of the National Network Nature, the Umwelt DBU Naturerbe GMBH, to create a Nature-APP for all network areas.

The idea behind it: To make nature accessible to all visitors and at the same time serves as a call for sustainable care of our biotope earth. Within the context of this assignment, an “Aninmation” Offenland- Sukzession” in German language was created.

Client: German Environmental Foundation DBU Naturerbe GMBH
Cooperation partner: Heinz-Sielmann Foundation
Duration: approx. 2:30 min
Speaker: 1 off-voice speaker (non-station voice)




Our “native” translators, are not only translators. They have different qualifications, work in the cultural sector, theatre, advertising, politics or marketing. Some translators have a historical background, others are actors or professional speakers.

As a matter of principle, we only work on all foreign language projects with native speakers and translators with their extensive experience in the various genres. Our “native speakers”, are not only bilingual but often trilingual in their knowledge.

Together we can proudly offer many successful audio productions in the wide field of travel tourism, history and museums in Germany and other European cities.

Accessibility Experience

Accessibility Experience

Audio-visual guide systems provide a whole new opportunity to participate in cultural life. People with disabilities have special needs. Even today, it is considered a forward-looking quality feature to provide special services.

Our barrier-free guided tours are developed in close cooperation with leading associations, organisations and those affected themselves. They are specially designed to meet their needs. In particular, our concepts also enable the hearing impaired and deaf, as well as the visually impaired and blind, to have an individual approach in the truest sense of the word.

Special headphones are also available for people with hearing impairments. We produce together with you, native sign language speakers and our technicians via Blue Box, videos in German or International Sign Language and integrate them into our audio devices. The selection of the sign language speaker is made according to your preferences.

For visually impaired people, special guidance systems are developed as an orientation aid. Texts and contents of our guided tours are only described by trained translators who explain the facts and exhibits in a comprehensible way to make them accessible.

Our technology is characterised by simple handling. The large display with touch screen as well as intuitive navigation ensures easy operation. Our robust devices are fully programmable and can be adapted to the specifics of the respective content, location and target group.