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itour city guide GmbH develops, designs and produces audiovisual tours with high-quality content. For this purpose, we develop specific software solutions together with our customers and complete the portfolio with the all-round service for licensing, hardware and software. Our multimedia guide is a technology extended by images and video features – our audio guide is the well-established technology for audio tours and guarantees high-quality voice transmission for group tours as well.


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We offer our wide range of services for you as a customer, whether in the field of shipping and cruises, city tourism and sightseeing or outdoor and nature experiences. Museums and exhibitions, as well as factory tours in the field of industry become a unique experience through professional guided tours.


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Have a look at our references – here you will get an insight into the variety of our projects in the areas of shipping and city tours, museum and exhibitions, as well as nature experience, factory tours and accessibility. Our professional speakers are specially chosen to suit your project – the “native” speakers are not only translators, but “native speakers” who are not only bilingual, but often also trilingual. Experienced sound technicians and sound engineers guarantee the highest quality and guarantee a listening experience for your customers and prospects.  


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