Group Guide Systems

Group Guide Systems

Group Guide Systems

Your visitors include large groups and multilingual guests?
Your voice disappears in the murmuring of the many travel groups and in the noise of the city?
To ensure that your voice doesn’t get lost and that your guided tour remains of high quality, we recommend the use of our group guide systems.
Voice Guide, Vox Tours and whispering systems ensure high quality voice transmission. Our systems impress with their ease of use, high sound quality and long range.
Used in museums, churches or castles, at trade fairs and in manufacturing plants, they mimic the ideal companion for a guided tour.

You do not have a foreign language tour guide at hand? By recording spoken audio data and sound bites, you can guarantee a first-class tour even for foreign-language groups. Our rental equipment is part of our all-round service to meet the highest customer-specific standards.

itour SmartGuide

itour SmartGuide


The itour SmartGuide is a new generation of guided tours.

The itour SmartBox is a breakthrough in group guiding technology.

With the itour-SmartBox, itour city guide GmbH is presenting the world’s first guiding system that takes the participants’ smartphones as receivers. With our technology the interaction between tour guide and visitor becomes a partnership relationship. The tour guide – the pillar of every tour – is equipped with our SmartBox.

We are proud to set new standards in user friendliness.

How it works

The transmitter, the itour SmartBox from Guiding-Group, provides a self-contained, mobile WiFi network.

Guests connect their smartphones to the network and use the smartphone as a receiver that broadcasts the voice of the local tour guide directly to their device.

The receiver application is available for Android and iOS.

Smartphones with pre-installed receiver application and headphones can be rented as replacement devices”.

What are your benefits?

Cost advantage over conventional audio guide systems
Reduced hardware usage, logistics and equipment maintenance
One device suitable for each group control variable
Large wireless connection range
User-friendly interface
High audio quality
Environmentally friendly technology based on the use of the guests’ own equipment

Have a look at our Presentation – Cruise rental offer – here.

Whisper Guide WT 500

Whisper Guide WT 500

The Whisper Guide WT 500 from the Guiding Group is the well-established and cost-effective technology for group tours with up to 40 different channels. Further information on the technical data can be downloaded here (pdf file, 600 KB).

Information about Whisper Guide

technical specification